Meeting Agenda

Meeting agenda comprises the various topics for discussion of a meeting. Drafting meeting agenda is an art that requires technique and expertise. Meeting agenda has to be comprehensive, precise and accurate and cannot stray or digress from the primary aim of the meeting. It is not desirable for a single person to delineate the conference agenda as bias and preference are bound to creep in if a single person is writing the conference agenda. Rather, conference agenda should be decided upon by a team of senior managers, so that the final meeting agenda is devoid of bias.

Company Goals over Individual Goals

One of the major problems that managers face when setting meeting agenda is how they will deal with each topic of discussion, how much weightage they should place on each topic. This is the chief area of dispute and disagreement and the main bone of contention between managers who shoulder the responsibility of formulating meeting agenda. That is because every manager who is involved in creating the conference agenda wants to give priority and preference to the topic, which he or she thinks, is the most important. And the most important topic for every manager is obviously linked with his or her own vested interests in the company. An HR manager may give undue weightage to recruitment and selection as the only means for improved company profits. A Marketing manager might emphasize a boost in sales to be the answer to the question of how to push up profits. In the process, the Marketing manager will accentuate the importance of providing sales training to employees over all other issues just as the HR Manager may underscore recruitment of the right people over and above everything else. Each manager is bound to stress his or her own sphere of activity while preparing conference agenda. Because each manager is concerned most about his or her own department. Better departmental results mean a promotion for the department’s manager! Hence, personal ambitions automatically crop up when managers put their heads together in order to frame realistic, necessary and relevant meeting agenda. remote team meeting agenda

Due Diligence of Each Agenda Topic

Hence, what is most essential is that managers sacrifice their individual interests and ponder on the long-term interests of the company when they are putting into words conference agenda. I do not recommend that managers totally forget about their departmental interests. I am only saying that managers check whether their departmental interests are really of such a critical character that they have to be put on the meeting agenda. If, after careful inspection and analysis, managers find that some departmental issues are burning and need to be dealt with immediately, then such issues have to and must be put on the conference agenda forthwith and also be marked as priority meeting agenda. However, if after meticulous due diligence, a manager thinks that the issue need not be addressed in the forthcoming meeting, then they should be honest with themselves and not feign that such issues are pressing matters that need to be placed on the conference agenda. Managers should have the good sense not to blow issues out of proportion just so that they may get a place on the meeting agenda.


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